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Live vaccine against Aujeszky’s disease virus, gE negative Bartha K61 strain, in freeze-dried tablet for injectable suspension

Discoveries about Aujeszky’s disease virus using restriction enzymes have shown that most attenuated viruses contain deletions on the Us region of the DNA. In this region, glycoprotein E, which is present in all virulent and a few attenuated strains, is coded. The use of an ELISA can discriminate between animals vaccinated with gE negative strains and those infected with virulent virus, since they have antibodies against gE glycoprotein. This will make it possible to eliminate progressively all gE positive (infected) animals in a rst stage of a programme to eradicate this disease. Protection in healthy animals appears 48 hours postvaccination, although optimum levels of immunity are not detected until 7 days later


- Box of 10 ds: Pack with 10 vials of 10 ds or 25 ds.

- Box of 50 ds: Pack with 10 vials of 50 ds.

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 Live Aujeszky’s disease virus gE negative Bartha K61 strain ≥ 105.5 CCID50

Indication: To create immunity against Aujeszky’s disease in swine (fattening pigs, sows and boars).

Dosage and Administration: For intramuscular or intranasal  administration:

- Use a syringe and needle to inject about 5 ml of solvent into the vial that contains the freeze-dried tablet. Reconstitute it and draw it out. Place the suspension obtained in the vial that contains the rest of the solvent, shake well and inoculate.

- 1 dose of 2 ml/animal via intramuscular into the neck muscles (2 ml), or intranasal (1 ml/nostril).

 Vaccination programme recommended: 

- Breeders: Obligatory vaccination, at least three times a year, simultaneously and at regular intervals. 

- Breeding and Fattening: First vaccination between 10 and 12 weeks of age, and second vaccination 3 to 4 weeks later. Revaccinate at least twice during the growth or fattening phase. When animals reach six months of age, they should be vaccinated with a third dose and revaccinated every four months after leaving the farm operation. 

- Future breeders: They should have been vaccinated at least three times before entering the reproductive cycle. The third dose should be administered when the animals are 21-24 weeks old. In case of an Aujeszky’s disease outbreak, it is recommended to vaccinate the entire herd (sows, boars and piglets) with one dose. 

Withdrawal period: 0 days.


- Shake gently until complete resuspension of the freeze-dried tablet before administration.

 - Once reconstituted, administer the vaccine within one hour at most.

- Vaccinate only to healthy animals.

 - Use sterile material. 

Precaution: Store at +2 to +8 °C, protected from light. Do not freeze.





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