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Live vaccine against Newcastle disease, B1 strain, and Infectious bronchitis, H120 strain, in oral freeze-dried tablet.

Packaging: Pack with 10 vials of 1,000 ds.

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Composition per dose:

Live Newcastle virus B1 strain ≥ 106.5 EID50 

Live infectious bronchitis virus Mass H120 strain ≥ 103 EID50

Indication: : To create active immunity against Newcastle disease in poultry.

Dosage and Administration: Ocular-nasal, oral or spray. 1 dose/bird.

- Ocular-nasal: Once the freeze-dried tablet is dissolved in the diluent included (sterile distilled water), administer one drop of the vaccine (0.03 ml) per bird, in the eye or nare, using a standard dropper (normally 30 ml per 1,000 doses). 

- Oral: Dissolve the freeze-dried tablet by filling the flask in which it is contained to half volume with fresh tap water, shake and pour it into an adequate container up to a volume of drinking water that can be ingested within ½ or 1 hour at most, keeping in mind.

                            Age of the bird                                                          Approx. amount of water for 1,000 birds 

                            1 to 3 weeks                                                                                     5-10 litres 

                            4 to 9 weeks                                                                                    12-23 litres 

                         10 to 16 weeks                                                                                   27-37 litres

- Spray: Validate the apparatus to be used to check the necessary amount of water. To do this, ll the apparatus with fresh tap water and spray the surface which birds occupy, in a manner so that the heads of all the birds are covered with droplets of water. Check the quantity of water used, and this will be the amount that will have to be used to mix with the necessary doses, depending on the number of birds to be vaccinated.

Precaution: Store at +2 to +8 °C, avoiding freezing.




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