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Live vaccine, turkey rhinotracheitis and swollen head syndrome


Pack of 10 vials of 1,000 doses / 5000 doses.

Pack with 10 vials of solvent of 1,000 doses. 

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Composition: One dose (0,03 ml) contains: 

Live Turkey Rhinotracheitis Virus, strain 1062: 102.4–104.4 CCID50

Indication: Active immunization in poultry, to prevent Turkey Rhinotracheitis (TRT) and Swollen head syndrome (SHS) in chickens, layers and breeders, and turkeys

Dosage and Administration: Ocular-nasal, nebulization or administration in drinking water.

- Administration ocular-nasal: For obtaining 1,000 doses, mix the 32 ml of the solvent with the freeze-dried tablet using the delivered decanted and gently stir, assuring a complete reconstitution of the freeze-dried before administration. Administer one drop of the vaccine (0.03 ml) per bird, in the eye or nostril, using a standard dropper. 

- Administration by nebulization (large drop): Validate the apparatus to be used for checking the necessary amount of water, as it totally depends on the type of apparatus and the size of drop it produces. To do so, fill that apparatus with fresh tap water the day before vaccination and spray it on the birds in such a way that all of their heads are covered with drops of water. Check the quantity of water used and this will be the amount that will have to be used to mix with the necessary doses, depending on the number of birds to be vaccinated. The following volumes are approximate: 

                            Doses                                                 Poultry of any age (large drop)

                            1,000                                                                  200-250 ml

- Administration in drinking water: water: Dissolve the freeze-dried tablet by filling the vial containing it half way with fresh drinking water. Shake, and pour it into the container holding the vaccinal water. The reconstituted solution should be ingested within half an hour, or an hour at most. The average, approximate consumption of water for 1,000 birds is as follows:

                       Age of the bird                                     Approx. amount of water for 1,000 birds 

                         1-3 weeks                                                                  5-10 litres 

                         4-9 weeks                                                                 12-23 litres 

                       10-16 weeks                                                               27-37 litres 

                       18-22 weeks                                                               37-50 litres

Vaccination programme recommended:

- Broilers: Vaccinate between 14 and 20 days of age. In endemic areas, vaccinate during the first week of age and revaccinate at three weeks of age. 

- Hens (Layers and Breeders): Proceed according to the vaccination programme, depending on the incidence of the disease. Generally, vaccinate at 10 weeks of age and revaccinate with inactivated and/or live vaccine before the laying period (18 - 22 weeks). 

- Turkeys: Vaccinate during the rst week of age and revaccinate 4 - 5 weeks later. 

Withdrawal period: Zero days.

Precaution: Store at +2 to +8 °C, avoiding freezing.



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