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Inactivated vaccine against Swine pleuropneumonia, in injectable suspension.

Active stimulation of the immune system of animals vaccinated against Actinobacilllus pleuropneumoniae, the causal agent of Porcine Pleuropneumonia.

Packaging: Bottle of 50 ds (100ml) and Bottle of 10 ds ( 20ml)

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 Inactivated Actinobacillus pleuropneumoniae (serotypes 2, 4 and 5).

Indication: Swine (gestating sows, boars, weaned piglets and swine for production): To prevent swine Pleuropneumonia.

Dosage and Administration:  

- Swine (gestating sows, boars, weaned piglets and swine for production): 2 ml/pig, from 6 weeks of age, for all weights, ages and sex. 

- Deep intramuscular injection, into the neck muscles, behind the base of the ear.

Orientational vaccination programme

- Gestating sows: Vaccinate at 40-45 days before farrowing and revaccinate 21 days later (20-25 days before farrowing). Thereafter, revaccinate at approximately one month before farrowing. 

- Boars: Vaccinate all animals, revaccinating 21 days later. Afterwards, administer one dose every 6 months. 

- Weaned piglets: Vaccinate at 40-45 days of age, revaccinating when 60-65 days old. 

- Swine for production: Vaccinate all pigs when entering the premises. Revaccinate 3 weeks later.

Withdrawal period: 0 days.


- Vaccinate only healthy animals. 

- Use sterile material when administering. 

- Disinfect the application site. 

- Use the vaccine immediately after the container has been opened. 

- Administer the vaccine at a temperature between +15 and +25 ºC. 

- Shake before use.

Precaution: Store between +2 and +8 °C, protected from the light.




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