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Injectable emulsion


1,000 doses (500 ml) bottle.

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Composition per dose (0.5 ml): Avian infectious bronchitis virus, inactivated, strain H52 HAI1 : 26 – 28 Newcastle disease virus, inactivated, La Sota strain HAI2 : 24 – 26 Egg drop syndrome virus, inactivated, Adenovirus-127 strain HAI1 : 27 – 29 1 Mean titre haemagglutination inhibition after inoculation of a dose of vaccine to SPF chicks. 2 Mean titre haemagglutination inhibition after inoculation of 1/50 of a dose of vaccine to SPF chicks.


Hens: Active immunization of future layers chicks as of 16-week of age for protection against the virus of Newcastle disease, the egg drop syndrome´76 virus and against a drop in production and quality of laying caused by the Massachusetts serotype of Avian infectious Bronchitis virus. The efficacy of the vaccine has only been tested prior to vaccination with live attenuated virus against the infectious avian bronchitis virus and against the Newcastle disease virus. The vaccine protects poultry up to 65 weeks of age.

Dosage and Administration:

Layers: The effects of administering the product once laying has started have not been investigated. Therefore, do not administer during the laying period. 

ADVERSE REACTIONS: Microscopic lesions may be seen at the injection site (lymphoid proliferation, inflammatory reaction the day following administration and granulomatous inflammation) that will disappear by 7 days post-vaccination. 

TARGET SPECIES: Poultry (hens – future layers). 

DOSAGE FOR EACH SPECIES, ROUTE AND METHOD OF ADMINISTRATION: Hens: 0.5 ml/animal. Administer one dose, when 16 weeks of age by subcutaneous route in the mid-dorsal part of the neck, in the opposite direction to the head. 

RECOMMENDATION FOR CORRECT ADMINISTRATION: It is advisable to allow the vaccine to reach ambient temperature (+15 ºC to +25 ºC) before administering it. Shake well before use and from time to time during administration. Use sterile material when administering the vaccine. Administer properly by subcutaneous route since intradermal administration can cause a localised oedema that will evolve favourably. Do not inject in cervical vertebrae.


Keep out of reach and sight of children. Store refrigerated (between +2 ºC and +8 ºC). 

Do not freeze. 

In use shelf life: 10 hours.



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