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Lyophilisate and solvent for suspension for administration in pigs.


Cardboard box with 10, 25, 50, 100 or 125 doses. 

Cardboard box containing 10 vials with 10, 25, 50, 100 or 125 doses. 

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Live attenuated, VP-046 BIS strain of the PRRS virus 103.5-105.5 CCID50 (cell culture infectious dose).


- Breeding females: For active immunisation of breeding females from farms affected with PRRS virus to reduce reproductive disorders, incidence and duration of viraemia, transplacental virus transmission, virus tissue load and clinical signs associated with infection with strains of PRRS virus. Moreover, vaccination reduce the negative impact of PRRS virus infection on piglet performance (mortality and weight gain) within the first weeks of life. 

- Pigs: For active immunisation of piglets from farms affected with PRRS virus to reduce the incidence and duration of viraemia and virus tissue load. A significant improvement on mortality, daily weight gain and respiratory clinical signs are observed under field conditions.


- Do not use in case of hypersensitivity to the active ingredient or to any of the excipient. 

- Do not use in naïve breeding herds in which the presence of PRRSV has not been established through reliable diagnostic virological method. No data are available on the safety of the vaccine for the reproductive performance in boars.

Dosage and Administration: 2 ml/dose.

The administration method is by injection. The volume administered can differ depending on the administration device used.

- Peel the aluminium capsule off the bottle containing the solvent and aspirate in order to remove a certain volume of the contents. Then inject this volume of solvent into the vial containing the freeze-dried powder. Shake until the freeze-dried powder is completely dissolved. Once reconstituted, withdraw all the suspension obtained from the freeze-dried vial and inject into the vial containing the remaining solvent. 

Basic vaccination programme

- Breeding females: A single vaccination should be administrated once in each reproductive cycle for protection during the subsequent pregnancy, according to following vaccination scheme: Gilts: Administer 1 injection of 1 dose of the reconstituted vaccine per animal, 4 weeks before mating. Gilts can then be subjected to the same vaccination programme as the sow herd. 

- Sows: Mass vaccination is recommended in a whole herd programme, in which all the pregnant and non-pregnant sows in the herd are vaccinated every three to four months. Or administer 1 injection of 1 dose of the reconstituted vaccine per animal, 2 weeks before mating or at 8-9 weeks of gestation (approximately 60 days after mating). In each gestation, vaccinate the females according to the above-mentioned schedule. 

- Pigs: A single vaccination can be administered to pigs from 2 weeks of age. Maternally derived antibodies can interfere with the efficacy of the vaccine. In the presence of high maternally derived antibodies, timing of initial vaccination of piglets should be planned accordingly. For an optimal control of PRRS virus, it is advised to mass vaccinate all target pigs within a herd from the earliest recommended age onwards. 

Withdrawal period: 0 days.


- Shake well before use. 

- The reconstituted vaccine is a homogeneous reddish solution. Avoid the introduction of contamination during reconstitution and use. 

- Use only sterile needles and syringes for administration. 

- Do not use after the expiry date which is stated on the carton and the label. 

- Shelf-life after reconstitution according to directions: within 4 hours.

Precaution: Store and transport refrigerated (2 °C - 8 °C),  protect from light. 



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