The price of chicken eggs at the market skyrocketed, about 6000 VND/egg

Since 31st July, consumers in Hanoi and other provinces or cities have had to buy chicken eggs at the price of 5,000-6,000 per egg. Egg prices have skyrocketed, but many traditional markets and supermarkets still do not have enough eggs to sell to customers.

To explain the egg "fever" that happened lately, Dr. Nguyen Thanh Son, President of Vietnam Poultry Association (VIPA) pointed out: “In contrast to most livestock products that meet the demand of consumers, poultry eggs are a bit deficient. According to estimates of the Vietnam Poultry Association, the daily egg production is about 32-33 million eggs/day, even at the peak time is only 41-42 million eggs/day. 

Secondly, some provinces have begun to apply social distancing, so people tend to adopt food hoarding behavior. As a result, the demand for eggs and other types of food rise sharply. In addition, “mooncake-making season” has also begun, which requires a lot of eggs and eventually contributes to pushing up egg prices. 

Last year, there was a time when the price of poultry eggs plummeted, leading farmers to suffer heavy losses. Combined with the high price of animal feed, many farmers had to sell off their flocks or temporarily quit. 

Poultry eggs are one of the few agricultural products that have increased in price during social distancing. The market's consumption demand also increased by 20-25% compared to the time before the outbreak of Covid-19 epidemic.

From & Translated by VINODA

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